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You can like them or not, but paragliders and hanggliders from Swiss pilots have a number that can be used to identify the pilot of the wing. This makes it possible to shoot photos from pilots and to send them those, what's exactly the function of this website.

Step 1: Indentify the pilot from his number

Can you spot the number on the wing? Then enter that number into the field below so we can find the proper pilot:

Step 2: Upload the photo

Step 3: Send the photo to the pilot

Disclaimer: UUUP.CH has no influence on the photos that are being sent with this website and can not be held liable for copyright violations do to us caching or saving photos on our servers that users of our site have uploaded. Also not in our influence is the text message that's being sent together with the photo or the kind of the photo. Furthermore it's in the individual responsibility of each recipient of an email if he wants to send a reply to the email that reveals his email address and possibly other personal information. We are using the member DB of the SHV, thus it is not in our hand if there are wrong or incomplete information in there that could end in us sending an email to the wrong person. If you get a wrong email, please contact the SHV so that they can change or delete the wrong entry in their member DB (we sync the db once per month). We don't send emails to users with an ad-block. In a few cases it could be possible that emails sent with this website can end in a spam folder, sadly we don't have an influence on that.